Symposium Schedule

Wednesday 3/7
6PM Panel Discussion among Featured Speakers: LOCATION: Sun Room, Memorial Union
Topic: What and How? Responses by each panelist
8-10PM Happy Hour and Welcome Reception -- Sun Room, Memorial Union

Thursday 3/8
2 parallel track 3-hour Coding Workshops
10-1 Workshops

Chris Seeger LOCATION: Design 434
Leaflet.js and Turf.js : Coding geoprocessing and interactivity into browser-based maps

Taekyeom Lee LOCATION: College of Design - Beckman Forum (King Pavilion)
3D Design and 3D Printing Ceramics Workshop

1-2 LUNCH to all registered attendees & guests - LOCATION Beckman Forum (King Pavilion)
2-5 Workshops

Rodney Hoinkes Location Design 334
Predicting Design Using Machine Learning to Asses and Predict the Quality of a Design

Brett Renfer LOCATION: Beckman Forum (King Pavilion)
Sketching in Spaces: Low-Tech Prototyping for for High-Tech Projects

6-8 Exhibition, Live Performance, Artist Talks LOCATION: Design On Main, 201 Main St., Ames
8-10PM Happy Hour LOCATION: Torrent Brewing Company, 504 Burnett Ave, Ames, IA 50010

Friday 3/9
10 -1 Formal Talks / Paper presentations
NEW LOCATION: College of Design 130
12-1 LUNCH: for all registered attendees & guests
Location: College of Design

1-4 PM Formal Talks / Paper presentations
4pm Closing Remarks: Braidwood/Westort

5pm End of Symposium

5-8 Closing reception

Alluvial Brewing
3715 West 190th St. Ames, IA 50014

Featured Speakers


Conference Theme

Coding, long an activity relegated to the software engineer, has become a ubiquitous creative and transformative force in the 21st Century. CODING DESIGN/DESIGNING CODE brings together rising stars, experienced researchers, scientists and designers from a spectrum of disciplines to answer two fundamental questions:

1) WHAT: Designing Code. These submissions offer innovative creative programs, products and experiences produced from computer programming. I.e. How is coding transforming the created product within and across disciplines?

2) HOW: Coding Design. This category of submissions showcases approaches to coding that enhance the creative process. I.e. How is the creative process captured and/or cultivated with a computer program?

The interdisciplinary focus of the symposium situates coding as a primary and universal creative endeavor and solicits participation from multiple domains including the traditional design disciplines. Participants will present and collaboratively create work derived through computational thinking and computer programming. We believe the creative production dimension of the symposium's workshops and exhibition will derive truly novel and multi-disciplinary results, which will culminate in a conceptual framework for creative coding. Such a framework will be a significant addition to understanding technical creativity and we intend to disseminate beyond the symposium itself.

Conference Format

CODING DESIGN / DESIGNING CODE is a 3 day mix of workshops, presentations, and exhibition with a closing night social event to celebrate the work made during the symposium.

Presentations can range from traditional conference paper presentations, to artist talks, or even live performance such as music or collaborative live coding. Collaborative performances are encouraged but not required. In the submission process, please state how your workshop results will be shared -- as a presentation, exhibition space, online experience, etc..

The exhibition is a space dedicated to works completed prior to arriving at the symposium with another area dedicated to results from various workshops.

Submission Details

Categories, in which submissions can be considered are:

Participants will ideally design and produce code-based creative products as part of or for the symposium program.

The symposium workshops are structured around: Submissions should be emailed to

Depending on the project, the committee will ultimately determine which category your project will participate; Presentation in multiple categories is possible.

Important Dates

Oct 5 Call for Submissions
Jan 15 Submissions Due
Feb 1 Notification of Acceptance, Registration open
Feb 15 Deadline for Speaker Registrations
Feb 15 Deadline for Speaker Bios & Headshot
February 27 Full projects due
March 7 - March 9 Symposium Dates
Guidelines for publication to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do I have to do a workshop or can I just perform / present / exhibit?
You do not have to deliver a workshop. Submissions for performances, presentations, and exhibition are being considered.

2: Do I have to attend to have my work shown?

3: If I do a workshop, do I have to share the results with the symposium?
Yes, but we are open to how best this can happen depending on your workshop

4: Are collaborative projects accepted?
Yes, collaborative projects / performances / workshops are encouraged

5: For exhibition, do I need to have my own presentation technology?
Some basic gallery exhibition technology will be available. What we will be able to offer you will be made clear before you arrive.

6. Will my work be included in a peer-reviewed publication?
Yes if you attend and present in person and provide organizers with content in appropriate formats.

Additional questions can be sent to